We are proven leaders, with many decades of practical experience earned at the coalface around the world. We are first and foremost committed to helping others by using the tools and techniques we have found successful, many developed by thought leaders across the globe, leveraged in a pragmatic way to suit your organisation. We see many of the same challenges again and again, solving these often requires a bespoke approach that best fits the organisation’s needs, culture, governance, etc.

Why burendo

At burendo, we are passionate about delivery, but delivering the right products and innovation to delight your customers.  burendo is a consultancy that enables organisations build more responsive capabilities and deliver change. This may include managing the delivery of products and services whilst optimising business and Information Technology services.  Our origins come from IT, but our capabilities are business wide.

We are very much aligned to Agile, Lean and DevOps, Cloud delivery, but we believe in doing it right, leaving you with a long-lasting capability that stands as an exemplar for others.

At burendo, we are proud to be different.  We are change delivery leads and optimisers with six core goals:

  • Deliver - Our key goal is to deliver what you and your customers need, not what they think they want.  We help you work closely with your customers to deliver the best possible solution
  • Reduce time to market - Build capabilities that allow organisations to be proactive
  • Build and change the right things - Helping organisations focus on value and reward
  • Build Rapid, Repeatable, Predictable Delivery
  • Pragmatically leverage the learning from thought leaders across the globe - learn from others
  • Share our learning and tools with everyone
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We’ve learnt a lot from our experience in the industry and we feel it’s important to give something back.  We’re proud to say that we are a key contributor to the Blended Agile Delivery (BAD) Toolkit Open Source community, regularly sharing content, tips and tools. See http://bad.tools for more.