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Deliver the right thing

We help teams maximise value by getting ideas to your customers early.

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Strategy Planning

We call it Agile Strategy, but in reality we just help you invest in the right things at the right time. We work at both organisation and department level to maximise value and chase sucess by aligning idea portfolios to roadmaps and budgets.

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Validate Ideas

Not all ideas that align to your Strategy will generate the expected returns. We'll rapidly help you validate the idea from a cost, scope, impact and customer feedback point of view to ensure the idea is viable before you invest more time and money.

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Agile Delivery

Whether its kicking off an Agile project, or re-booting one that is struggling - we work with you to turn sunken costs into commercial value in a way that gets value to your customer and allows you to pivot onto the next Strategic idea.

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Great People

You may be scaling and need rapid access to talented teams, or need support maturity of the teams you already have - we can help build your internal capability through coaching, training or placing great people for your team to work alongside.

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Who We Are

At burendo, we build what we do around our core drivers

Help organisations focus on value and reward without mass disruption

Framework agnostic approach based on the fact that value comes from many sources

Practical and Pragmatic adoption of new tools and techniques to deliver quickly

Share our learnings and tools with everyone regardless of affiliation or experience

We Think, We Share, We Do

Success comes from bringing others on the journey

Whether we do this by indentifying the best course of action, or by rolling our sleeves up and getting involved, the constant factor is that we share our experience and approach with others at all stages... our ethos is to ensure we never become indespensible to the client.

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