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Whatever you are interested in, there will be something for you

We’re proud of the inclusive and collaborative culture we’ve created at Burendo, and it’s our people who make it possible. Whether we’re getting together in-person or virtually, Burendo-wide, team-wide, or within our communities – there’s always something exciting happening. Our dedicated entertainment budgets ensure there’s never a shortage of fun ideas or activities to explore or create!

Yorkshire day

Burendo’s 5th

Paint along

St George’s Day

Keeping in touch

In our hybrid world we stay social using Slack, our go-to tool to connect us together virtually. Whether you’re into travel, food, sports, or TV and film, there’s a channel filled with like-minded people you can connect with. It goes without saying, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, create it, we’re all about making things happen!

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