Cloud Optimisation

The Cloud Optimisation service focuses on optimising clients’ cloud infrastructure, applications, and processes to improve performance, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and security.

The Cloud Optimisation service addresses common cloud platform challenges such as; slow application performance, scaling, outdated systems, bottlenecks, managing multiple suppliers and teams, and the need for developing new applications and infrastructure. We understand the importance of continually assessing the current cloud estate, engaging with stakeholders, and aligning with their business needs throughout the engagement.

The Cloud Optimisation service covers various aspects of cloud optimisation, including techniques for cost reduction through right-sizing, modernising existing cloud solutions using native tools, implementing improved long-term cloud development practices, enhancing delivery and deployment practices, increasing observability of the system, leveraging containerisation and serverless technologies, reducing overall cloud spend, increasing security using integrated cloud DevSecOps tools, adhering to frameworks such as AWS Well-Architected reviews, enhancing system knowledge through better observability, reducing deployment risks with strategies like A/B deployments and canary deployments, providing actionable recommendations for optimising the cloud estate, and increasing agility to align and respond to future changes in customer needs.

We emphasise the importance of robust monitoring and alerting systems to ensure sustained optimisation of the cloud solutions. Comprehensive documentation and knowledge management practices are maintained to support ongoing maintenance, optimisation, and future roadmap shaping. Cross-team collaboration and knowledge sharing are encouraged to foster a collaborative and productive environment.