Fin Ops: Cloud Cost Management

The Cloud Cost Management service focuses on assessing, optimising, and controlling cloud costs to ensure efficient resource allocation and financial planning.

FinOps is not just about saving money. It’s also about enabling greater financial control and predictability. By working together across teams, organisations can achieve these goals while also building a culture of financial accountability and transparency.

FinOps is a service that helps organisations get maximum business value from their cloud investments. This includes the assessment of cloud costs and usage, breakdown of costs and spending patterns, identification of quick wins to cut costs, and the generation of a roadmap for future cost optimisations. We help clients understand their cloud costs and usage, incorporate savings methods such as cloud savings plans and variable cost models, providing complete insight into budget allocation and targeted spend on priority resources. By targeting quick wins, we facilitate cost savings and remove delivery blockers, ensuring that delivery teams have the necessary cloud resources within agreed budgets.

We understand that FinOps is about shared responsibility, a cultural practice that empowers teams to manage their cloud costs effectively. We can work with you to help everyone in the organisation take ownership of their cloud usage, and create support such as a central best-practices group. This ensures that everyone is working together to achieve the same goal: maximising the value of cloud investments while minimising costs.