Project to Product – the Paradigm Shift

Our first video is up on our channel, and it’s a chance for you to watch one of our recent Leeds Digital Festival events, ‘Project to Product – the Paradigm Shift‘.

A growing number of organisations have begun the shift from a Project based application organisation to one that is based on Product Management. This move disrupts many of the processes that have been learned over decades, and will require changes to organisational structure, methods, governance models and more importantly culture.

Director and Co-Founder of Burendo Glenn Crossley walks through the core principles that have been so critical to supporting organisations across the US and UK to deliver their business goals, including; key differences between Project & Product; The Iron Triangle; Automation; and Product Owner Vision Setting. This presentation will appeal to anybody currently or soon-to-be going through a Project to Product change, as well as anyone who just wants to understand in more detail what the proven differences and benefits are.

This topic is delivered by expert hands – Glenn has over 18 years of experience seeing the huge benefits to culture change that transforming to a product based organisation drives, across international companies like Hitachi, Hermes and Capita. This experience drove a passion for sharing and understanding best practice Agile methodology, and Glenn is also a Co-Founder of the Blended Agile Delivery toolkit*, and was recognised in 2018 as Gartner’s Number 1 Top Influencer on their Peer Connect platform for his contribution around Agile Delivery.

*( open-source set of tools and techniques that help organisations efficiently plan and deliver change around Lean and Agile principles)