Students working in teams on Lego projects

Speakers for Schools: Sustainability and Tech Workshops

The programme ran over three days with two days being in the school and one day at Burendo. The theme is “Your Sustainable Future” and we set them a project around the question: “How can we better promote sustainability in and around the Wellington Place area?”.

We shared information around the tech sector and the different roles involved in developing software products. The students then had to use this insight to allocate themselves to roles like Project Leader, Researcher, Product Designer, Sustainability Advisor and Social Media Manager. Their task was to create a fictional tech product that integrates sustainability concepts.

We also ran a Lego based team activity to demonstrate the roles in practice and to show the importance of teamwork, communication, reflection and adaptation.

We trust that the sessions were informative, interactive, and offered valuable insights into the diverse tech career options and the importance of sustainability for a better future. These opportunities offer crucial knowledge for young people to make informed choices and inspire the future generation onto career paths that are right for them.