Agile tooling and reporting to support large scale retail sector transformation 

Agile tooling and reporting to support large scale retail sector transformation 

The challenge 

Major retail company NEXT Retail Limited, with over 2,000 technology staff, needed to gain a comprehensive view of their portfolio across 15 business domains. They required more transparent and meaningful reporting, improved dependency management and simpler ways of measuring success. 

Burendo were commissioned to review working methods across the 15 business domains. Their methods were all different and were further effected by the use of multiple Azure DevOps instances, both on-premises and cloud instances. Information sharing remained a reporting challenge, ultimately, measuring the effectiveness of their efforts proved difficult. 


All work items from 100+ projects were consolidated into a single ADO Cloud organisation

Programme training and coaching carried out to uplift capability across the wider technology teams  

Enabled a real time single view of truth across a large scale cross-functional change portfolio

Our approach

  • Burendo assisted NEXT in optimising their Azure DevOps utilisation by first conducting a thorough examination of their existing system to pinpoint areas of improvement.  
  • Collaboratively, we developed an enhanced way of working within a single Azure DevOps instance. This involved migrating multiple ADO instances into a unified organisation and consolidating working methods. The migration included cloud to cloud and on-premises to cloud, consolidating code repositories, dashboards and backlog management projects into a single cloud instance.
  • We piloted the migrations and ways of working first to identify any key challenges that were addressed before a wider implementation, taking into account user feedback and ensuring the migration was successful.
  • To ensure alignment across domains, we equipped teams with up-to-date Agile tooling and methodology training. 
  • Additionally, workshops were held to coach both tech teams on effective ADO usage and tech leaders on building reports that delivered the desired cross-organisational insights. 

How we did it

Burendo consultants played a key role in facilitating communication through frequent and well-co-ordinated business updates, including roadshows and piloted rollouts. Feedback from teams was actively incorporated to iterate and refine the approach. 

Key contributions included: 

  • As-Is Assessment: We assessed and provided clarity on the existing technology delivery lifecycle for each business unit. 
  • Future Operating Model: We defined and piloted a blueprint for a future operating model, including key roles, competencies, OKRs, and reporting with a focus on minimising dependencies.  
  • Azure DevOps Implementation: We aligned with the delivery lifecycle and then helped build out Azure DevOps, a tool to aid teams in planning, developing, testing, deploying and managing software applications and releases. 
  • Training & Coaching: We delivered Agile and Product Ownership bootcamps to over 120 members of staff. 
  • Embedded Coaching: Our Senior Consultants were embedded within pilot product teams to provide peer-to-peer coaching and demonstrate the tools and techniques in a practical setting. 

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