Enhancing the patient journey

Reducing waiting times in cancer care

The challenge 

NHS England’s Cancer Waiting Times system, handling 500,000 monthly patient updates, needed modernisation to support the Faster Diagnosis Cancer Programme. The teams needed a cohesive roadmap, struggled with silos and stakeholder engagement and needed assistance to migrate from their current legacy system to a more accessible and sustainable platform. 

Our solution

We discussed the requirements with NHS England for a Senior Burendo Consultant as Product Owner to lead the team, drive productivity, and foster stakeholder collaboration. 

The Burendo team introduced Agile methodologies for iterative development, ensuring transparency and visibility across the newly established five-year roadmap. 

Our work established a collaborative process for the building of system requirements by introducing Product Requirement Documents. This approach involves consultation with all key stakeholders and subject matter experts and provided assurance that the benefits to the NHS’ objectives were clear, and the system development efforts fulfilled requirements.   

The results

The Cancer Waiting Times Delivery Group now possesses a clear understanding of user needs and how their work contributes to the programme’s goals. 

With Burendo’s strategy and migration support, by 2028, an estimated 55,000 lives will be saved annually, and 75% of diagnoses will occur in the crucial early stages.  

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