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Global strategy to support large Betting & Gaming sector expansion

The challenge 

A leader in the UK market, William Hill aimed to broaden its reach and product offerings by entering the US. They utilised their well-developed sportsbook technology to create a self-service B2B solution specifically designed for the US market. This solution aimed to provide access points (endpoints) for popular American sports, including tennis, NFL, basketball, and even beach volleyball.

To optimise its US market entry, William Hill partnered with Burendo, a consultancy with extensive expertise in the betting and gaming industry. Burendo’s role was to streamline William Hill’s strategy by prioritising key initiatives, ensuring focus on high-impact areas, and optimising delivery capabilities. This collaborative effort aimed to maximise William Hill’s return on investment (ROI), targeting a goal of $50 million during their first year in the US.


By implementing roadmaps focused on ROI metrics, we secured funding approval for William Hill’s US market entry. These roadmaps projected a $50 Million ROI return on investment within the first year by prioritising initiatives with the highest value

Burendo swiftly established high-performing agile delivery teams (squads) that rapidly prioritised features for Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). This approach ensured early delivery of value and maximised return on investment (ROI).

Our approach

  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of target states and sports in the US market, Burendo conducted a series of VMOST workshops (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics).
  • Working together, the team prioritised each tactic using a weighted scoring system that considered business value, time sensitivity, and implementation effort. Effort was categorised using T-shirt sizing, with XS representing tasks under 1 month and XL signifying projects exceeding 12 months.
  • In collaboration with the Head of Delivery, Burendo established agile delivery teams aligned with value streams and focusing on the highest-priority features.
  • Burendo swiftly established a high-performing agile delivery team that seamlessly integrated with William Hill’s existing processes, governance structures, and departmental standards.
  • We collaborated with the Trading and Retail teams to create comprehensive delivery backlogs. These backlogs included a mix of features like API data feeds, trading data integration, consolidated field book views, and full trading auditing. Additionally, DevOps activities such as building sandbox environments and implementing cloud scaling for expansion were incorporated. All deliverables adhered to the strictest safer betting governance regulations.
  • Developed comprehensive metric dashboards and epic boards to provide real-time visibility into project progress, cost burn down, and team performance aligned with agile VMO (Vision, Mission, Objectives) principles

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