Irwin Mitchell drives customer focus with Agile transformation

Designing and delivering effective Agile and Scrum training.

The challenge 

Law firm Irwin Mitchell needed to streamline internal processes and prioritise client needs within their CIO department. Their goal was to transform into a more Agile organisation with a customer-centric approach. 

Our approach

We designed a comprehensive Agile and Scrum training program for Irwin Mitchell to target various levels within the organisation. These included four different workshops: 

Knowledge Burst Workshops: Introduced stakeholders and key decision-makers to Agile methodologies and the Scrum framework. These sessions emphasised the benefits for both the firm and its clients, while acknowledging the cultural shift required. 

CIO All Knowledge Burst Workshop: Equipped the CIO department with the fundamentals of Agile working, focusing on the transition to a leadership model that prioritises team support and collaboration. It also highlighted the benefits that can be achieved by taking a customer-first approach.  

Agile Leadership Knowledge Burst Workshop: Developed leadership skills for the Agile environment. This included fostering a culture of innovation and “eating last” – prioritising the team’s well-being. 

Team Agile & Scrum Bootcamp: Provided in-depth training on Agile and Scrum principles for cross-functional delivery teams. This intensive workshop equipped them with the practical tools and knowledge to effectively transition towards a more Agile structure. 

The results 

Irwin Mitchell’s employees emerged from the program with a strong understanding of Agile and Scrum practices. They gained the skills to collaborate more effectively across departments and prioritize client needs in their daily work. This empowered the firm to focus on its core objective: delivering exceptional service to its clients.