Transitioning from PMO to VMO

How a Value Management Office Transformed a leading financial institution’s Digital Delivery Program

Burendo was supporting a top 5 UK building society with over £50 billion in assets and millions of customers across the group organisations

The challenge 

The customer identified an opportunity to enhance their project delivery process. Their growing portfolio presented an exciting chance to streamline reporting and extract valuable insights for even greater success. Recognising the need for a more Agile approach, Burendo supported the organisation and implemented a Value Management Office (VMO) to replace the traditional PMO structure.

Our approach

We knew a one-size-fits-all solution wouldn’t work. We began by meticulously assessing their existing planning processes and tools. We then took a deep dive into their wider reporting and governance frameworks, pinpointing areas for improvement. 

Next, we piloted innovative ways of working, specifically designed to optimise their digital delivery program.  This included a comprehensive Jira overview and training program for key teams including VMO, Risk, Governance, and Assurance. 

The results

Our work streamlined their tooling and processes, providing a clear, unified view of their entire digital delivery program. Gone were the days of information silos. Now, they have full visibility, allowing them to track progress against plans and analyse performance metrics with ease. 

But the benefits went beyond just visibility. By understanding their current capabilities and performance levels, we were able to introduce innovative planning and reporting methods. This reduced the time spent on tedious manual tasks – freeing up valuable resources for strategic initiatives. 

Perhaps most importantly, we fostered enhanced communication across departments. With everyone on the same page, collaboration grew, propelling the project forward with newfound agility. 

Our commitment didn’t end with implementation. We ensured a smooth handover to the client’s Business As Usual (BAU) team, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain the newly established VMO function. This ensured the long-term success of the program, paving the way for a future of data-driven decision-making and optimised digital delivery.