Simplifying change management for a retail giant 

The challenge

A major retail company struggled to keep track of their many digital improvement projects. Different teams used different methods, roles weren’t clearly defined (especially for Product Owners), and information wasn’t shared effectively.  

This led to limited visibility where they couldn’t see the overall progress of all their projects at once. Unclear reporting made it hard to make good decisions, and projects often got stuck waiting on each other, making it difficult to tell if their digital efforts were actually working. 

Our approach

Burendo helped the company streamline their project management process by first examining their current system to identify areas for improvement. Together, we created a clear roadmap for future projects, outlining roles and responsibilities (including clear expectations for Product Owners), goals for each project, and better ways to share information to avoid delays. 

We trained teams on up-to-date project management techniques and held workshops to teach project leaders new skills we also had experienced Product Owners join key teams to provide guidance and ensure everyone was using the new methods effectively. 

The results 

  • Standardised tools and processes gave the company a complete view of all their projects, allowing them to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Everyone understood their roles and how their project fit into the bigger picture, leading to smoother collaboration. 
  • By reducing delays caused by unclear communication and dependencies, projects were completed 25% faster. 

By simplifying their change management process, we helped the retail company not only see the progress of their digital efforts but also complete them more efficiently. This transformation empowered their teams and positioned them for sustainable success.