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How can we better promote sustainability in and around the Wellington Place area


We want every company within Wellington Place to be as passionate about creating a sustainable future as we are. Therefore, our task for you is to think about how we can spread the message about sustainability and moving towards net zero to multiple businesses.

What is Wellington Place?

Wellington Place is far more than just a collection of buildings. It’s a dynamic Leeds neighbourhood, designed to shape the city and transform the way we work.

Created with business in mind, this outstanding new urban quarter has become the location of choice for leading organisations. Blending high-specification office space with all the perks of the city centre, Wellington Place brings independent restaurants, enviable facilities and attractive outdoor spaces right to your doorstep.

Pioneering, vibrant, powered by people – Wellington Place is the future of business in Leeds.

Things to Consider

  • Can you think of different ways to deliver your content to recipients?
  • What content would you be using around sustainability?
  • What impact are you looking for as a result?
  • Can you find ways to measure the impact and get feedback? How do you know that your message is hitting the mark?
  • What different types of recipients are you looking to reach ?

What types of platform could you use?

  • Digital Newsletter
  • Events
  • Social Media
  • Presentations
  • Creating a community